The other day I was asked a question by a friend, who I’ve known for a good 15 years now.

“Do you still enjoy building wheels?”

Its a fair question, I’ve been building wheels for 25 years now… Not constantly as Beespoke, but for companies, shops, individuals, friends and obviously myself. So you’d think by now I’d be bored of it, maybe become a little stagnant, lacking enthusiasm etc.

The process of measuring rim and hub dimensions, cutting and rolling spokes to the appropriate length, prepping the spokes, nipples and in some cases washers. Lacing up the wheel, feeding each spoke, nipple and washer in by hand, slowing bringing the wheel into the required tension, stressing the wheel several times along the way, before the final truing.

Bringing the initial client discussion from an idea, into a physical form consisting of a custom built pair of wheels, where the lucky new owner then collects them. Seeing their eyes light up on first holding their new investment is such a great feeling that will never grow old.

Feedback from clients after the first few rides, is the icing on the cake. Especially if the initial discussion had a noticeable leap of faith from the client, perhaps having never had a pair of hand built wheels built before.

I don’t enjoy building wheels, I absolutely love it!

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