The Process

Your beespoke journey will vary dependent on your requirements and knowledge of the wheels that you require, but importantly all of you will be treated to the same unique personal experience.

Some of you will know exactly what you want, to which I blend the components together creating the perfect wheels you require.

While some of you may require my knowledge and expertise with wheelbuilding to advise and to create, the perfect pair of wheels for you.

Either way, I will collate this important information, in order to gather the correct components prior to spending time blending the components together. Each pair of wheels that are built at Beespoke are built by myself and are given their own build certificate, or as I like to call it “Birth Certificate” The birth certificate will provide details of all the components used and specifications, eg. Spoke lengths and the spoke tensions.

In addition to the birth certificate I provide some simple care instructions, in order to keep your perfect wheels in perfect condition. So please remember to take a little time upon receipt of your wheels to read this.

Wheel building time scales are a difficult thing to predict and good quality hand built wheels, should not be and will not be rushed. I only build a small number of wheels per week ensuring quality of the highest is maintained. This alongside certain component choices I may not always have in stock. I normally expect a 7-10 day turnaround from  the initial order placement to the wheels being dispatched.

However I will keep you up to date with regular communication, regarding what stage I’m at with your wheels and confirm when your wheels will be delivered. If you are local to the Macclesfield area you will have the pleasure of your wheels being hand delivered by myself.

Hopefully you will enjoy riding your hand built wheels as much as I enjoyed building them for you.