Second Anniversary!

Wow… Is it really Beespoke’s second anniversary!

It’s been a challenging 12 months, experiencing the natural down turn of last winter, however activity in the workshop increased earlier than expected this January, only for the whole Covid thing to begin and the UK to enter full lockdown by the end of March… This began a period of uncertainty for the beespoke workshop… 

Yes we were allow to ride our bikes and thankfully those in the cycle industry were the lucky few, enabled to continue trading, but would anyone want to spend their money on some shiny new wheels, during a period that no one could predict.

Well indeed you have, to which I am immensely grateful for your support. Wheels have been flying out of the workshop, to both new and repeat customers, you have been travelling from all over the North West, Peak District and North Wales to collect your new wheels, while meeting the builder of said wheels, “obviously inline with social distancing guidelines” It’s truly humbling for me that you guys are willing to travel to meet me, only to be bored witless with my geeky wheel knowledge. 🤣

Although busy, this summer has not been a walk in the park, timescales of deliveries, component availability and patience’s “mainly mine” have been and are continuing to be a real challenge. Again I’m so grateful to all my customers, the patience & understanding that you have all showed has been truly outstanding, waiting weeks and in some cases months for components to arrive. Chapeau 👏

I’d also like to thank other cycle shops & businesses, who have provided support for my hand built wheels over proprietary wheels. 💪

You are all amazing and I couldn’t continue to do what I love without you, I look forward to seeing you all over the coming months and hopefully years.

For now though, here’s to the next 12 months, lets face it who know what could happen 🤷‍♂️



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