Its all a bit wooden

Definitely exciting times at Beespoke, lots of continuous hard work updating the website with an increasing amount of amazingly good quality products from all over the world, with the latest being a very nichetastic from Italy.

Ghisallo…….. who I hear you say, little known in the UK, but Ghisallo family have been handcrafting wooden rims for last 70 years, they are pieces of artwork on their own. However laced up onto a shiny high quality large flanged hub and they become exquisite.

12345 Ghisallo

Beespoke are proud to introduce these rims into the uk direct from Italy.

These rims aren’t for everyday use, nor are they intended for competition use. However if you’re wanting something a little bit special for that classic steel road bike, then these are the rims for you.

Build time for these are different to normal alloy or carbon rim, these wooden rims take time, each stage of the build must be individual and broken down into stages, this provides the wood to settle, doing this minimises the stress through the rim and reduces unnecessary maintenance in the future.

So if your local to Macclesfield, look out for a retro looking steed with a unique pair of wheels coming soon……

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