Custom Cut Spokes

Here at Beespoke, we use the amazing Morizumi designed spoke machine from Wheel Fanatyk for custom cutting and rolling spokes in the workshop.

This was a big decision in the workshop and certainly one we don’t regret, we’re able to carry most Sapim spoke blanks in stock and cut on demand, rather than carrying an extensive inventory of spoke sizes. With us cutting the spokes ourselves we’re able to cut spokes from 310mm all the way down to 44mm and variable every 0.5mm, most importantly is the consistency. Surprisingly you’ll find a 1mm variance within a regular box of spokes, 1mm may not sound much, but it slows the build massively, reduces build accuracy and potentially comprises the wheel durability and increases nipple fatigue, to which anyone who’s nipples have failed at the head can testify too, below is an image showing the importance of correct spoke lengths.

Not only do we cut spokes for our own wheels, but we supply local bike shops and can also supply individuals too. so if you need some spokes for your own build or just a few spares “just in case” then please check out our spokes page decide what you want or need and then give us a bell, we’ll see what we can do for you.