Stans Arch MK3 26in

Designed with input from our Enduro World Series teams, the new Arch MK3 is ready to own every trail. WideRight optimised for maximum stability with 2.25″ to 2.5″ tires, we expanded the internal width out to 26mm while keeping the rim incredibly light. The 26″ Arch MK3 weighs only 406g. A new proprietary alloy and stronger, low-profile rim shape means the new Arch MK3 is built to last. Featuring Bead Socket Technology, the new Arch MK3 also offers the unmatched traction, control, and reliability only found on genuine Stan’s NoTubes rims.

  • 6069 Aluminiumarchmk3_800x800.jpg
  • Colours – Black
  • Spoke Holes – 28 or 32 hole
  • Weight – 406garch_mk3_rim_section_3

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